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  1. Fanless Embedded PCs
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Adlink Industrial PC Fanless PC Powerful Intel Core i7 Fanless Expandable Embedded Computer with PCI/PCIe Slots

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Adlink Industrial PC Fanless PC 
  • Intel® Core i7-620LE 2.0 GHz processor + Intel® QM57 chipset
  • Configurable, providing PCI and PCIe x4 slots
  • Rugged, -10°c to 60°c fanless operation*
  • Built-in 9 VDC to 32 VDC wide-range DC power input
  • Built-in 16-CH isolated DI and 16-CH isolated DO
  • VGA+DVI-D display by DVI-I connector
  • Two RS-232 ports and two software-selectable RS-232/422/485 ports
  • Dual 1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet ports & USB 2.0 port internally on riser card

สามารถใช้ Adlink Fanless ทดแทนคอมพิวเตอร์อุตสาหรรม หรือ Industrial computer ยี่ห้ออื่นๆได้ เช่น 








The Matrix MXC-6000 series of powerful fanless, expandable embedded computers feature the new Intel® Core i7 2.0 GHz processor for maximized computing. The MXC-6000 inherits its exceptional fanless and cable-free design from ADLINK's existing Matrix C series.


The MXC-6000 series' Intel® Core i7 2.0 GHz processor and Intel® QM57 chipset deliver a level of performance ideal for image and vision measurement and automation applications. PCI and PCIe slots allow integration of off-the-shelf PCI/PCIe cards for development of configurable application platforms. 16 built-in isolated DIO channels enable standardized industrial control. A DVI-I connector output on the front panel allows direct connection to a LCD panel, and one eSATA port supports storage expansion or hot-swapping SATA drives.


Leveraging a reliable fanless and durable cable-free design, the MXC-6000 series exhibits excellent dependability in harsh environments, where severe temperature variation and vibration may exist. The MXC-6000 series provides an optional hot-pluggable fan module to dissipate heat generated within the system when high power consumption PCI/PCIe cards are installed. This inventive mechanical design retains a cable-free structure which dramatically improves thermal stability when PCI/PCIe cards are installed.


The MXC-6000 also provides an USB 2.0 port internally located on a riser card, enabling heightened reliability for secure applications, with license keys or password encryption on an internal USB dongle dramatically improve system security.


Combining a reliable design with more computing power and innovative features, the Matrix MXC-6000 series is the optimal choice on which to base any rugged application system.


*Extending the operating temperature to -10ºC to 60ºC is optional and requires use of an industrial solid-state drive storage device. Heat dissipation from inserted PCI/PCIe cards may affect thermal performance.

MXC-6101D Intel® Core i7-620LE 2.0 GHz fanless expandable embedded computer with 2 PCI slots, 2 x GbE, 1 x eSATA, 5 x USB, 4 x COM, 2 GB DDR3, 16 DI + 16 DO
MXC-6201D Intel® Core i7-620LE 2.0 GHz fanless expandable embedded computer with1 PCI slot and 1 PCIe x4 slot, 2 x GbE, 1 x eSATA, 5 x USB, 4 x COM, 2 GB DDR3, 16 DI + 16 DO
MXC-6000 Optional Fan Module Hot-pluggable fan module for the MXC-6000 series
4 GB DDR3 upgrade Upgrade to 4 GB DDR3 memory
320 GB HDD option Factory-installation of 320 GB SATA hard disk drive
32 GB SSD option Factory-installation of 32 GB SATA solid-state drive
8 GB industrial SSD option Factory-installation of 8 GB industrial-grade SATA solid-state drive
100 W AC adapter 100 W industrial-grade AC adapter
Extended Temperature Option Extend the operating temperature of the MXC-6000 series to -10°c to 60°c

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